This is going to be a wonderful year!” goes the old adage of every person transitioning to another year hoping to accomplish their resolutions. However somewhere along the way…trial month

A week down and I am no way near sorting out my life. But you know what? I really don’t care. Why should I have to set a  certain formula on what to do and how to do? It’s not like I want to sign my own contract for service and have myself bound by it. Moreover, having to feel worthless for apparently being in ‘breach’ of it.

So I choose to live a day at a time. That is just the joy of living. Taking time to experience love, find friendships and even smell the roses.

I already feel happier by just the thought of that.

April, you are here and yes you will be good to me. I’m not begging.


All about being real in a world where originality is being threatened

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