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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Oh dear me! The number of times I was asked this question (especially by visitors) are just one too many.

I hated this question for one major reason. My answer never seemed to fill people’s heart with joy. I think they hoped that I would say I wanted to be a doctor,engineer, lawyer or just any answer other than mine. See, I really, really and I mean Really wanted to be a soldier.

Have I mentioned that I had to give an explanation as to why I wanted to be a soldier just to make my answer a bit more palatable? (Jeez!so much work for a child guys. ) While my brother would have won smiles by just saying doctor.

You can only have so many plans for your future….

By the time my brother was joining university medicine had already been replaced in his heart. He didn’t want to do that anymore. He didn’t want to do something “serious”.

“Yes!” I thought to myself. He had now paved a way for me to get away with doing whatever I wanted.

All this while I had been assertive in my decision on what I’d be. Surely that had to count for something right ?

Things hadn’t been made easier but rather a load of pressure was now out on me. My parents would guilt trip me most of the time. All in a bid to change my mind. To make sure that I at least went and pursued a “professional” course

In my final year of high school I started thinking about the prospect of getting the bare minimum in terms of grades. As I had been aware, to be recruited into the forces didn’t require a lot.

That would ensure that I would n it meet the threshold for pursuing other courses and I would still qualify to be recruited.

But again,

Is there anything that my parents wouldn’t do? Not passing the exams to them didn’t necessarily mean that all was lost…

To be continued on Friday

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