Welcome back ✨. Today I have a short story to share with you ... (Disclaimer : I won't be using real names here ) It's based in Kenya Mel grew up in the rural parts of Kenya and like any normal child, she lived happily with her parents. Moreover she managed to access education by … Continue reading SHE’S A HERO : THE KIND WITH A BIG ♥️HEART



Hello there Welcome back to my blog I hope you've been doing fine. First of all I want to acknowledge the fact that I didn't have a post up on Tuesday and I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to one. I had been trying to change up some things. Like right now the … Continue reading UPDATES


For a second there while writing the title it kinda felt awkward. You know that moment when you write a word but feel like this shouldn't really be the correct spelling but it is and that's it .. I had that moment just now Anyway, Welcome to today's post. I hope you're doing well. .. … Continue reading BOLDLY


Hello 🤗 I'm so glad to have you back on my blog. Thank you 😊. Today, we look into something all too familiar. "Your reputation precedes you ." You have probably heard this phrase several times or even felt its impact directly or directly whether on the receiving end or not. So what is reputation … Continue reading SO I HEARD


So July is actually over huh? It would be a lie to say that this year has been dragging right? We're at the 8th month mark but have you really been living this year? Have you let comparison steal away from you your will and desire to live just because you've always had it in … Continue reading LIVE