When you realize that you haven’t taken stock for a couple of months so it just feels right go ahead and do it now…

Here it goes.

Making : sure I know what things and people need to be priorities in my life.

Cooking : my food as much as I can so that I save those coins!

Drinking : a lot less caffeine nowadays.

Reading: through people’s lies and ill intentions.

Wanting: to just go on holiday.. Not even with someone special of anything. Just by myself.

Looking: out for any good deals I can take advantage of. Black Friday deals are around the corner.

Deciding: to take breaks whenever I need go without feeling bad about it.

Wishing: that I started saving in January. I know better now.

Enjoying: the kind if content that appears on my feed. Real stuff being talked about, mental health being taken seriously and positivity radiating everywhere.

Waiting: for that “this is my big break” moment. Don’t we all?

Liking: and commenting on pages of people I admire and celebrating when they reply.

Wondering: how it’s so easy for people to give up morals and principles just go get ahead..in any field really.

Loving: the thought that there are greater and happier days to come.

Pondering: on excuses I gave myself to hold on to things that never really made me happy and cost me peace.

Listening: to last episode of Jesus and Jollof for this year. (Look for this podcast..

Hoping: that this year ends well for all of us. It’s been a tough year for quite a number of people.

Marvelling: at the fact that if you try hard enough you can readily access these opportunities that are out here.

Cringing: at the thought that I could be a toxic person to someone.

Needing: just honesty from people. It’s so interesting to see how pretentious some people can be just to get what they want from you.

Questioning: what the future holds.

Wearing: my heart on my sleeves only when with those who are in my inner circle.

Following: my instincts/gut feeling.

Noticing: that there are a lot of people who are using each other in different ways for personal gain.

Bookmarking: all travel sites I come across just because…

Hearing: the actions of people. Words stopped relaying the truth.

Celebrating: all my friends doing well and most especially mentally. It’s so good to see you getting your happy back.!

Embracing: my own journey. Taking it a day at a time.

Until next week.



All about being real in a world where originality is being threatened

7 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK : OCTOBER

  1. I started my ‘taking stock’ list thanks to you. Keep keeping on.๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ I hope Novemeber comes with ever greater leasons and positive experiences.

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