Learning & Unlearning

Welcome to today's blog post. Happy 2019! I can't believe that we have made it through the whole of 2018. At times it felt as though it would never end. Especially on the days of low moments. On others we didn't want a single second to pass. We wished the joy would last a little … Continue reading Learning & Unlearning



Hello there Welcome back to my blog I hope you've been doing fine. First of all I want to acknowledge the fact that I didn't have a post up on Tuesday and I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to one. I had been trying to change up some things. Like right now the … Continue reading UPDATES


Hello 🤗 I'm so glad to have you back on my blog. Thank you 😊. Today, we look into something all too familiar. "Your reputation precedes you ." You have probably heard this phrase several times or even felt its impact directly or directly whether on the receiving end or not. So what is reputation … Continue reading SO I HEARD